Daughter’s surprise on mother’s day

We’re throwing a small party for our new house and was looking new dress for my plus size body. I was having no luck searching in retail stores famous for party dresses. But my teenage girl surprised me with this awesome dress which she...

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Comrade Perovskites is out change the way you think about Solar Panels

Long ago solar panels appeared as the most thrilling and overwhelming discovery for the human civilization. Backed by the plenty of solar energy available for human use and increasing demand for energy, the solar panels were considered as one of...

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My wife went to a Role Play party in a Lingerie costume, the outcome is epic!

Life sometimes gives you wonderful surprises. These surprises may initially seem to be disastrous, but after you get through it, you eventually come to know that there was actually a large surprise destined. Recently, one such surprise came to my...

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