Comrade Perovskites is out change the way you think about Solar Panels

Long ago solar panels appeared as the most thrilling and overwhelming discovery for the human civilization. Backed by the plenty of solar energy available for human use and increasing demand for energy, the solar panels were considered as one of the most viable and effective technology solution. At that time, nearly about 6o years ago, when Solar panels came up as the major breakthrough for energy sector, Silicon came under the discussion of major research societies and energy centers. Silicon is used in the formation of multilayered inner composition of a solar cell. Silicon appeared to be an ideal choice for the formation of solar cell as it is copious and non-hazardous. Solar wafers composed of Silicon, require extensive heat, which is provided through high temperature, and covers most of the cost associated with solar panels

But this discovery, about 60 years ago, was just a beginning, since the extensive efforts have been extended to make further progress and the result is the discovery of Perovskites, as the major milestone.  This implies that very soon the solar panels will not only become more proficient but also affordable for everyone.  This next cohort solar cell, composed of organic-inorganic hybrid Perovskites materials, is expected to be ten times cheaper than existent thin-film solar cells, because of much efficient solution-based manufacturing process. So the days are not far where Perovskites will replace Silicon in the solar energy industry.

Perovskites is known to be a remarkable solar cell material as it can convert up to 15 % of sunlight to electricity, close to the efficiency of the current solar cells. Although, in its initial stage of discovery, yet Perovskites are budding as the potential material for solar cells, Chase revealed, a solar analyst in London. Perovskites maintain a number of features which are accurate for making panels, and even more efficient than Silicon. The pace of development and expansion in the research centers has been astonishing. Among many other research groups, solar energy Australia has been one of the most active advocates of this new and surprising material.

Solar energy Australia has been a fast paced researcher group in this field. Australian renewable energy group has entered into a deal with Nesli DSC to initiate and industrialize Perovskites Solar Cells in Turkey. The physical properties of Pervokosites which aid in the rapid functioning of the solar cells include its crystalline structure, which naturally consists of a particular mixture of iodine, lead and other organic components. In its laboratory research, life Perovskites has been marvelous where only five years of research has improved its workability from 4% to 20%. Hence, this emergence has astounded the scientists at photo-voltaic centers and community at solar energy Australia. Many solar companies including companies like Eurosolar, who have a lot of Eurosolar reviews on-line are pushing massively for innovation.

Most of the solar energy Australia projects are still based on the Silicon panels, which are said to covert almost 25 % of sun’s energy into Solar panels. But Perovskites have already come near this level, even being in the laboratory trials. They can convert about 20% of solar energy in the usable form, says the head of solar energy Australia. So chances and hopes are even greater for this surprising and more productive material.

In the initial phase, there have been proposals about the hybrid solar cells in which both the materials, Silicon and Perovskites will be consolidated. This can make a remarkable combination, as the scientists believe the Silicon to be the reliable one, and the Perovskites to be more efficient. There have been a number of laboratory exploration sessions in different communities of solar energy Australia, which are discovering to come up with the most efficient solutions for extending the Perovskites solar panels, towards industry. Many of the critics always pose the blunted questions about the industrial future of Perovskites solar panels.

The basis of its competence is the crystal’s orderly and shipshape internal structure, according to scientists at the Melbourne Energy Institute, who are striving to make the solar energy Australia efficient. In the crystal of Perovskites the electrons can travel a distance of three millimeters, much further than the needed distance of electrodes in printed solar cell. So Perovskites is emerging as a dream material for solar energy Australia and many other energy centers. The extensive efforts are being extended to continue with the in depth research of this element and answer all the queries along with covering all the hurdles, which may hinder the way of industrial use of Perovskites in the solar panels.


My wife went to a Role Play party in a Lingerie costume, the outcome is epic!

Life sometimes gives you wonderful surprises. These surprises may initially seem to be disastrous, but after you get through it, you eventually come to know that there was actually a large surprise destined. Recently, one such surprise came to my wife, when she was least prepared for it.

It was a fine morning when my wife and I were having our breakfast and I was ready to go to my work. Suddenly the phone bell rang! It was my wife’s best friend. After a few minutes of conversation my wife came back inside, completely panicking. Her friend who is a theater director has invited her to a role play in the party. She was not invited initially, as we were out of town, and returned this weekend, totally unplanned. But the biggest problem was that she has to go the party in 2 hours, as the party has to get started at 12, and the original actor has broken a leg, just this morning.

I started being anxious, in order to make her ready to act in the role play, as it was her first time. But as she owed her friend a favor, she could not refuse. Initially I tried to make arrangements for an expert who could replace my wife, but there was too little time, except to bite the bullet and charge head first. In the anxiety she started losing her temper. The biggest problem was the wardrobe. Like all women she claimed that there is nothing to wear in her wardrobe and yet there are dozens of supermarket supplier out there. She started emptying her wardrobe on the bed, in a search for the right accessories. But I knew that the anxiety of facing a large audience was overwhelming her. Since we’ve just returned from a beach trip this weekend, so the laundry was full of her clothes. There were only a few options left, out of which none seemed satisfactory. The biggest constraint was the time issue, as the party would get started in the noon and we have to get there on time. I knew that if she will continue panicking, she will totally collapse at the party and will not be able to get through the role play effectively. I started calming her down, and made her realize that her performance will get affected if she will continue going insane. I made an effort to find something appropriate to wear.

In the end we decided on a Lingerie costume.  The costume gave her an exclusively sexy and inviting appearance. She was no doubt looking fabulous in that costume and I tried to appreciate her more so that she can gain confidence and momentum for the role play in the party. We reached the party on time, and met her friend at the entrance, who was tapping his foot impatiently. My wife’s friend told her that she was called to role play as the queen of the nerds. We entered the party and everyone looked at the “queen of the nerds” with astonishing and mesmerizing looks. The Lingerie costume came out to be the center of attraction for the next two hours. The excitement of being appreciated was obvious from my wife’s face, as everyone was desperate to take pictures with her and appreciate her in character. Being in the party as the audience, I observed that a number of people were talking about the character of the queen of the nerds, and surely I was also feeling proud and appreciated as my wife was reluctant to wear the Lingerie costume, but I made her realize that this is the best option for today’s role play. Lingerie costume completely changed her appearance, which aggravated her confidence level.

After the party ended there was a small token of appreciation for the best role play, for which all of us could participate in a vote for the most impressive character today. Although I voted for my wife, I was not interested in the poll, as there were a number of experienced people in the party who have been in the field of role play for years. But when the host announced that the character of the day goes to the queen of the nerds, I shouted with joy and surprise. My wife was giving a totally blank and overwhelmed look, as she was not ready for this big appreciation. She went on the stage to claim her prize. The lingerie costume surely came out to be an epic choice, as it became the Centre of attraction for the whole audience. Surely the anxiety in the beginning came out to be for naught, which was quite surprising.


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